Paving the Road to Digitisation

The network is the backbone of your digital business. It is the neural center of your IT infrastructure, interconnecting your systems, devices, users, data, applications, and customers to enhance productivity, improve communications, and drive your business forward. At IGX Global, we are infrastructure experts. We help you design a flexible, reliable IT infrastructure to support your digital business, positioning you for the next phase of digitisation and ensuring you avoid the pitfalls of a changing technological landscape.

Why Choose IGX Global?

  • Some of the largest brands in the world trust IGX Global to build their network infrastructures. We put advanced networking solutions at the heart of your business to better drive customer experience and simplify IT.
  • We stay on the leading-edge of technology and trends, like software-defined networking, SD-WAN, network analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), to help pave your road to digitisation.
  • We ensure your network is cloud-ready with an architecture that supports high performance, agility, and connectivity both within and between data centers. 
  • Our strong vendor relationships and elite partner designations enable us to deliver best-of-breed solutions tailored to your needs.
  • We design security into every solution, so you can protect your sensitive data and critical assets against today’s advanced threats. 
  • We use an engineering-centric approach to design a network infrastructure that enables you to increase your business agility and lower operational costs.

Networking & SDN

From wired, to wireless, SDN to SD-WAN or even SD-WAN as a Service, we offer multiple networking solutions for your digital business needs.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Manage and secure your connected devices to gain data-driven insight and deliver real business value. Let IGX Global be your strategic partner to the future of digital connectedness: the Internet of Things.

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End User Computing

Mobility, BYOD, VDI—IGX Global helps you tackle the new world of end user computing. We also round out your IT infrastructure needs with peripherals, devices, and accessories.

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IGX Intelligent Branch

IGX Intelligent Branch is a managed SD-WAN (software defined WAN) solution that offers a faster, better user experience by harnessing the power of the Internet to business enable your WAN environment.

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