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We are now halfway through Cyber Security Awareness Month. While we all know that we can’t simply place emphasis on risk mitigation for only one month a year, this is a great time to give pause and think about where we are and where we want to go. Below are a few areas that we can spend some time reflecting on to ensure proper organizational security hygiene in order to maintain a strong, risk-aware culture.

  1. Patch Management. Sounds simple. “We should patch our infrastructure and applications.” Yet this remains the root cause for many compromises. A strong, proactive, patch management program can assist in a continued reduction of the attack surface and overall organizational risk. How critical is Patch Management to you?
  2. User Awareness. This past year we have seen many reports of “sophisticated” malware wreaking havoc. As we dug in, many of the initial infection vectors were emails with malicious links. Some were targeted, others simply took the spray and pray approach. While there are many technologies that do a great job of finding and stopping disruptive threats, nothing is infallible. The power of continuous User Awareness Training is extremely valuable, especially coupled with exercises to ensure knowledge is retained and practiced, such as internally phishing users to ensure we keep a pulse on program effectiveness.
  3. Stay Vigilant. Visibility continues to be a high priority for many organizations. That said, once we have the necessary visibility into threats, do we have a plan to mitigate? Incident Response Plans are a vital component in risk mitigation. Do you currently have an incident response plan? Have you tested it with real world scenarios?

ePlus designs and delivers tailored security aimed at mitigating business risk, empowering digital transformation, and enabling innovation. We do this by understanding our customers’ business challenges, and we believe that making security pervasive across your entire IT landscape positions you for growth and success.

As we get closer to the Holiday Season, the adversary is gearing up in hopes of catching us off our guard. Let’s continue to drive awareness every day, not just in the month of October.


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