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The concepts behind AI and Deep Learning are not new, but until recently the application of Artificial Neural Networks has been limited and impractical. What has changed over the past couple of years is we now have the data, use cases, Deep Learning software tools, and powerful, specialized hardware that allow for us to create AI applications never before possible.

Data volume and variety are accelerating as we increasingly use information technology for all aspects of our daily life. Our mobile devices, the Internet of Things, people, and machines are creating massive amounts of data that can be used to train Deep Learning models, augmenting our ability to navigate, process, and consume this flood of data.

Deep Learning is allowing us to find patterns in the data that surrounds us, which can improve our lives. There are so many potential applications for AI that it is hard to imagine an industry that will not be transformed by Deep Learning over the next few years. The opportunities for AI are endless, from finding ways to efficiently mine and deliver energy, to intelligent factories with collaborative robots, personalized healthcare, and use cases that we haven’t even imagined yet.

We have already seen or used AI-powered products, with the obvious examples being autonomous vehicles and interactive voice assistants. But other applications are less obvious and having great impact without many of us really knowing Deep Learning is at work—including financial institutions using Deep Learning to identify fraud, doctors using AI to better diagnose disease and improve healthcare outcomes, public safety departments using algorithms to better protect our citizenry, and even IT identifying cyber threats to business before humans even notice.  

Partners like NVIDIA and Pure Storage are packaging and optimizing the most innovative Deep Learning software tools with state-of-the art GPU and Flash storage technologies to deliver AI solutions that make Deep Learning simple, improving stability and performance while reducing operational complexity so that infrastructure does not become a distraction from an organization’s AI goals.

ePlus is excited to be a part of the launch of the first AI-Ready Infrastructure, AIRI,  as it provides a platform that our customers have been seeking—a converged infrastructure platform for Artificial Intelligence.  ePlus brings years of expertise and leadership in Converged Infrastructure systems combined with professional services capabilities to accelerate customer adoption of AI.

ePlus has made significant investments in personnel and strategic partnerships to bring to market services in consulting, deployment, development, and technical training for Deep Learning that enable customers to find ways to apply AI and maximize its potential.


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