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As we get closer and closer to ringing in the New Year, threat actors remain very busy attempting to intrigue us with phishing campaigns that promise great deals on products and services. In an effort to keep these final weeks of 2017 as joyful as possible, below are a few tips to stay ahead of the Grinch as he looks on with a malicious grin over your data.

Three Online Shopping Safety Tips:

  1. Just what I wished for! Be careful when clicking links from unfamiliar websites that promise deals that seem too good to be true. The link could very well be a phishing campaign, seeking to steal data. Prior to purchasing on the site, confirm the deal by browsing explicitly to the main site and browsing to the product, or try calling the store.  This step may just save you some holiday pain.
  2. Coal in your Wifi Connection? Independent of the holiday season, it is always good practice to ensure you are on a trusted network when making banking transactions. That said, the holidays serve as primetime for threat actors to sniff traffic in hopes of gaining access to personal information including banking and credit card data. To minimize this risk, ensure that you are on a trusted network, such as in your home, while conducting online shopping. Also, ensure that you log out of the website once your transaction is complete.
  3. Always be watching!  Keep a close eye on your credit card statements and banking information. With the hustle and bustle of the season, threat actors are counting on your attention being elsewhere.

While you are keeping a vigilant eye during this holiday season, ePlus is also keeping a vigilant eye across your entire IT infrastructure year-round. ePlus creates custom, integrated security programs that help our customers prevent, defend against, and recover from malicious cyberattacks.  ePlus enables organizations to reduce overall risk, build strong security cultures, and support innovation and digital transformation.  More information about ePlus’ security expertise and capabilities can be found at Contact us for more information or to request an assessment at  

Have a safe and joyous holiday season.



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