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Falling revenues and declining budgets are the new normal for state and local governments and education systems across the country. In the face of increasing demand for new and better service levels, administrators and educators are constantly challenged to do more with less. Technology innovation helps managers meet this growing demand as well as increase efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

The key to success is acquiring the right technological solution at the right time. But too often, budget constraints and cost concerns trump the benefits projects will deliver. And breaking projects into multi-stage programs to address budget limitations often reduces the overall benefits of the solution and delays the full realization of the cost reduction initiative.

Addressing the Challenges

Structuring an attractive financing package is a great place to start. Extended payment plans and multi-year financing agreements can provide a creative way to solve the dilemma you face by delivering the following benefits:
  1. Smaller capital investments up-front – Using creative financing methods enables you to obtain the equipment and technology you need today without a large capital outlay to get started. This enables you to deploy complete solutions and to receive the full benefits of those solutions from the beginning without having to break projects up into multiple phases because of capital shortages.
  2. Affordable payments – Tight budgets are a fact of life in the public sector, and a reality that must be managed. With the right financing arrangement, payment plans can be structured to align your payments with existing and out-year budget allocations not only to make the solution affordable but also to ensure you remain within your fiscal boundaries.
  3. Flexible terms to accommodate new technology – The pace of technology change sometimes feels overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be a limitation. As technology advances and forces equipment to be refreshed, your agreement can be adjusted, enabling you to stay current with supported equipment and to leverage new innovation when it becomes available.
  4. Predictable spending – By putting in place a financing agreement, you can shift the cost of technology solutions from CAPEX spending to OPEX spending and establish a more predictable cost model. 

Partnering for Success

Leveraging technology innovation to improve the services you deliver to the public is a delicate balancing act. Budget pressures, speed of technology change, and contract management headaches are realities that cannot be ignored. However, financing can make it possible for you to accelerate technology initiatives while remaining fiscally responsible and staying within your budget.

Finding the right partner to help you design and finance innovative technology solutions can make all the difference. At ePlus, we can help. But why consider ePlus for your technology and financing needs? Consider these reasons:

  • We are an industry-leading technology integrator with deep technical expertise and long-standing relationships with the world’s technology leaders.
  • We have the experience and talent to help our customers design and implement solutions to solve complex IT challenges.
  • We have extensive experience working with state and local governments and education systems.
  • We have the capability and processes to perform all phases of a project (identifying, designing, building, procuring, financing, implementing, and supporting) in order to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for our customers.
  • We offer a one-stop operation for all your technology, services, and financial needs to help you simplify the procurement process—one integrator, many OEM products, a single financing source, and a single contract.

Working with ePlus, you get everything you need to meet your technology, services, and financial needs all in one place. We will work with you to design the technology solution that is best for you and then structure a creative financial agreement that delivers the entire solution you need right now at a price that fits your budget.

For more information on how ePlus can help you leverage creative financing to accelerate your technology initiatives, check out the financing section of our website here. To find out more about how you can take advantage of our vast portfolio of technology offerings, please explore the other sections of our website or contact your ePlus Account Executive.


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