The marketplace is shifting. Competition is dropping in nearly every industry. As a result, companies are turning their focus away from customers and fixing their attention inward, savoring their market dominance and building rigid, hierarchical organizations that move at a snail’s pace. In response, workers are forgoing their own individual career ambitions for sake of what’s in the best interest of the companies they work for, sending employee loyalty to an all-time high.

Did I forget to mention today is April Fool’s Day?

We all know the marketplace is dynamic—it’s always shifting and changing. Our companies face intense global competition in every industry. Relentless attention on the customers we serve is vital in order to survive. Innovation and speed to market are essential. And customer experience has never been more critical for differentiation than it is today. In fact, according to Walker Information, customer experience will overtake price and product as brand differentiators by 2020. {1}

As informed, tech-savvy consumers, we want to do business on our terms. We expect to be engaged digitally. We expect companies to anticipate our needs and to make it easy for us to do business with them. And we’ll reward the companies that either meet or exceed those expectations and ignore the companies that don’t. 

Our customers and employees are no different. They have more options to choose from today than ever before and will reward the companies that pay attention to their needs and put customer experience first. According to Forrester Research, personalizing the customer experience is ranked number one on their list of the top ten critical success factors in the age of the customer. {2}

Many of the customers I speak with agree. Recently, I met with the VP of Emerging Technologies and Innovation at a large financial institution. He shared with me that creating a positive customer experience—for both the company’s external customers and his internal customers—is his number one priority.

Intelligent Insight, Digital Transformation, and Secure, Sustainable IT

Leveraging existing IT investments is a good first step toward improving customer experience. And that requires intelligent insight about your technology and how it could be used. Assessing your current environment can help you exploit the benefits of the investments you’ve made, identifying innovative new applications of the technology, protecting your investments, and preparing a solid pathway toward digital transformation. 

Fundamental to improving customer experience is digital transformation. We must strive to engage our customers digitally at every touch point. However, digital transformation is a journey with many twists and turns. Good navigation is essential in order to reach your destination. It’s important to identify and to implement the right mix of transformative technologies and cloud-based delivery platforms that are best suited to improve your customer experience and to achieve your business objectives.

Regardless of the technology and platforms implemented, transforming outdated business models and operations to achieve digital transformation requires a secure, sustainable IT infrastructure and the resources to support it. But to achieve digital transformation and improve customer experience, IT professionals must focus more of their time, energy, and effort on deploying new applications and new capabilities and less on maintaining systems. IT leaders must find a cost-effective way to maintain their environment over the entire IT lifecycle; one that enables them to attract and retain the best resources and channel those resources toward improving customer experience.

Connecting IT Investments with Business Outcomes

Technology is at the heart of improving customer experience, and IT must assume a leadership role. It’s more important now than ever before for IT to work with their Line of Business (LOB) counterparts to transform customer experience. To be effective, IT must become a bi-modal organization, focusing equally on technology and business, and align technology investments with business outcomes.

At ePlus, we help our customers focus on improving the experiences of both their internal and external customers by connecting the dots between IT investment and business outcomes. We help our customers by providing intelligent insights about their technology investments, as well as the guidance and resources they need to deliver reliable, secure IT services, to achieve digital transformation, and to improve customer experience. 

Our customers say it best.  Click here to view a collection of video testimonials and case studies that demonstrate how we’ve helped organizations achieve their visions.  And for more information about how ePlus can help you improve your customer experience, contact your ePlus account executive today. 


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