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IGX Global UK Limited is a subsidiary of ePlus inc., a Delaware corporation, traded on NASDAQ GSM. ePlus is known for our engineering talent and rigor, and we employ many experts who have a keen pulse on the IT industry. From security, cloud, and storage to lifecycle and deployment services, our staff has a unique perspective. Read our thought leadership articles below.

  • Narrow the Consumption Gap Through Lifecycle Management

    • ePlus Networking Team
    • Dec 18, 2015
    I read an article the other day about a technology product. It’s a well-known brand, so I won’t use the company name. The piece caught my attention because it used a well-worn phrase in the content: “…align IT with the business…”
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  • All I Want for the Holidays

    • Mark Melvin
    • Dec 18, 2015
    All I want for the holidays this year is an outcome! As an engineer at heart I love the technical details of a product or a solution. But a long time ago I realized that the outcome—solving the business problem—was much more important than the technical specifications.
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  • It's All About the Data And Keeping It Secure

    • John Reckner
    • Dec 2, 2015
    Data is the life blood of nearly every business. But, what if something happened to that data or it fell into the wrong hands? Want to do analytics on your structured and unstructured data? Good luck if that data is lost, stolen, corrupted or sabotaged.
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  • Getting the Most from Your UC Collaboration Investments

    • Sonny Hudson
    • Dec 2, 2015
    With advancements in UC/Collaboration technology over the years, especially over the last decade, a whole plethora of applications have emerged to help users stay better connected with their customers, their suppliers, and their coworkers. But, only if they are used.
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  • Content Security - It's Not Just for Spam Anymore

    • ​Lee Waskevich
    • Oct 16, 2015
    I speak to customers regularly about security, and one of the first questions I always ask them is, “What are the two most popular applications you use on a daily basis?” And the majority of the time, the answer I get is web and email.
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